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Since establishing in 1974, we have got more than 1600 projects for power distribution utilities, hydro power plants and industrial companies both in Norway and abroad.

What we do:

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Vindmøller på Utsira

Manager Roger Jøsok

Chairman: Reidar Jøsok

Turnover in 2005: approx. 9.000.000 NOK.

Bank: Den Norske Bank

Insurance company: Storebrand

The company was established in 1974, but changed name from Ing. R. Jøsok Linjeprosjekter to Jøsok Prosjekt AS in 1997

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Kokstaddalen 26


Kokstaddalen 26, 5257 Kokstad, Norway. Approximately 2 km from Bergen Airport. The office area is 600 square meters.

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8 persons with higher technical education (MSc and BSc) within electrical engineering, civil engineering, business administration, surveying and computer science.

Also 1 electrical engineer, 1 soil engineer and 1 architect are hired for special projects.

2 technical assistants educated in technical drawing and surveying.

Altogether these employees are educated in the areas of electric power, civil work engineering, area planning, farming and forestry, business administration and information technology. Total man-years of experience is about 150.

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Approved by Produkt- og Elektrisitetstilsynet (The Norwegian Product- and Electricity Control Board) for design of high voltage electricity projects.

SellichA Qualifications for suppliers for the energy business in Norway according to section:

TransQ Qualifications for suppliers for the transport sector in Scandinavia, according to section:

Central acceptance according to Plan- og Bygningsloven (The Norwegian Law for Planning, Design and Construction of Civil Works) as:

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Kabelbro Odda

Technical / economical consulting within electric power systems, such as distribution network, transformer substations, switchyards, transmission lines, surveying and detail planning of mechanical parts within transmission lines. We analyse power systems, prepare energy plans and also do building construction related to power system arrangements.

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Electric utilities, power plants, contractors and industrial companies.

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  1. Power system analysis.

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    Analysis of both technical and economical matters related to power systems. Power flow and stability analysis are necessary to obtain optimal solutions. Short circuit analysis. We also analyse the condition of existing equipment, in order to suggest possible ways of either repairing or upgrading it.

  2. Financial planning.

    Cost estimations and cash flow analysis for new as well as upgrading of old installations, both at business and public levels. Preparing applications for loans and governmental funding. Risk analysis.

  3. Projecting.

    Detail projecting. Statical calculations on towers, foundations, lines and necessary equipment for such installations. Drawing of towers and details of mechanical parts. Specifications and quantity calculations. Preparation of building reports, crossing license applications and technical documentation.

  4. Building structures.

    Statical calculations with advanced computer programs such as Staad III. Projecting of steel, concrete, aluminium and wood constructions based on Norwegian, Danish and British standards.

  5. Quotation documents and construction control.

    Preparation and evaluation of quotation documents and arranging contract meetings. We also prepare contracts and do the following up and control during the construction period.

  6. Quality assurance.

    Tsabango trafostasjon i Malawi

    We work after the principle that the builder should get a quality assurance that agrees with ISO 9001. This counts for our duties as well as for external duties from i.e. building contractors. The goal is to assure that the final product gets a specified operating security over a certain period of time, depending on the project's social importance.

    The plan for quality securing contains the following subjects:

    • Exactness due to guessing climate loads, avalanche danger, danger of trees falling on the line as well as danger of heavy snow loads.
    • Safety of systems - damage preventing constructions.
    • Quality of projecting and project management.
    • Quality of materials used - logistics.
    • Quality of erection.
    • Operation and maintenance routines.
    • Emergency plans for break down situations.

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Mastemontasje Lesotho


Since the company was founded over 30 years ago, we have had over 1600 projects for Norwegian distribution companies and contractors. 35 of these projects are done abroad.

At present the company has participated in projecting about 5000 km of power lines, approx. 130 substations, 16 fjordspans with lengths of more than 2000 m, several cable projects (among others many sea cables at voltage level up to 300 kV) and two industrial building.

The longest fjordspan have span length 3500 m.

Highest altitude at which power lines are projected is 1700 m above sea level.

The company has satisfactory amount of commissions, and the number of employees might be increased in the near future.

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Link to our reference list on pdf-format. Click here.

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